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Valuable Damp Treatment

During more than 35 years in business, we have undertaken a range of varied projects on behalf of local authorities, housing associations, architectural practices, developers, and private homeowners. At Ward Damp – Proofing in London, we are equipped to carry out jobs of any size, including damp treatment and membrane system application.

Rising Damp

Rising dampness occurs when water rises through the pores of masonry due to capillary action. The extent of dampness can vary due to wall thickness, the size of the pores, and the local water table. As the wall becomes wet, hygroscopic salts are carried upwards from the ground and evaporate on the wall surface, causing damage to the wall finish and any decorations. Our treatment process involves the professional installation of a damp-proof course and the re-plastering of walls using a proprietary system that prevents salts from migrating to the surface.

Dry and Wet Rot

Both dry and wet rot often remain undetected in buildings, causing extensive damage that is costly to repair. The onset of decay is invariably linked to high moisture content, often due to a building defect allowing water ingress. Timber absorbs moisture in damp conditions and becomes vulnerable to fungal attack. While dry rot is more destructive than wet rot, it is equally important to call in a professional to identify, treat, and subsequently eradicate the rot.



Due to our varied client base, we have developed the skills to complete a number of services for our customers. The services we offer include:
• In-Situ, Wood-Boring Beetle Treatment
• Cementitious, Below-Ground Rendering Systems Application
• Liquid-Applied and Sheet Membrane Systems 
• Application of BS8102-Compliant Drained Cavity Membrane
  Systems to Existing Domestic and Commercial New-Build Properties
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